Who am I?

As a Swiss/English dual-national I have now been living in Zürich since 2004. After graduating as a Kindergarten teacher, I continued furthering my education with various courses and exams before settling into the film making business in 2008. In 2015 I then decided to re-orientate myself and train as a therapist.

When I came across Body Stress release as a therapy method I was instantly taken by how gentle yet effective this technique is. I applied to study at the BSR acadamy and was given a place on the second ever course to be taught in Europe. After spending 16 intensive weeks in Dorchester, England, I recieved my Diploma in March 2016 and have been working at the Massage Therapy Zentrum in Zürich since. I am currently very happy to be relieving people of their aches and pains on a daily basis, and to be sharing and furthering the reputation of this pain and stress relieving therapy here in Switzerland.

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Julian Underwood
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the body place
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Body stress release is a complimentary, alternative therapy technique. It offers no diagnosis or treatment for specific ailments or conditions, but supports the bodies’ own natural self-healing properties enabling a more balanced flow of energies essential for vitality and well-being.